Peach Dreams Collection

The Peach Dreams collection explores natural colours of the sunset and encompasses the cheeky blush of a newly ripened peach. Each garment is hand dyed with homemade onion extract dye to get the perfect warm hue to compliment each print style.


This collection consists of two different styles, both offered in short and long sleeves. The styles have been curated to each have a unique essence and are individually printed.


Peento Peach Style

The Peento Peach style journeys new worlds and the reflections of nature away from chaos. This style comprises of four Long Road Ahead prints and tweaked trimming.

Ventura Peach Style

The Ventura peach style brings together skater composition and rustic pop art. The style is comprised of reflection repeats of the creaky forest print on the back, actress sleeve prints, and a tweaked logo on the front.